A Collab 

​You see baby? 

That’s how things are;

staying in the dark, covered

with the night’s dark veil; 

lace and silk spread over

our bodies; a beautiful sight

for those who wanna taste

our flesh, in dire need to 

feed their beasts and feel 

the warm release of their


Forcefully, they bite your 

pale skin and bare themselfs

deep in; growling and shouting,

savagely claiming, taking, 


Oh my sugar, I can hear you

even when you have no words 

to say.

I can feel your heartbeat, 

thudding out the anger and 


Yes, gorgeous you are my

girl; a stunning doll for 

everyone to stare in a pure 


Yet, I feel the cold that 

forcefully tries to enter your 

heart and embrace your once

full of life senses.

I hear the cries of your soul

and howl with you into the


Wounds run deep, leaving you


Just hold my hand.

We’ll find the way out of the 


~ Magda
Oh my dear sweet one

Such a burden you see

To wear this lace, tied in bed

Allowing those hunger beast

To strip me with their eyes

Skin to touch…..

Lips to kiss…..

Where’s passion my baby

When love is cheap

Every thrust filled with lust

Moaning for pleasure

But my soul screams 

Because this is torture

Am I to blame

To embrace this coldness

For there’s no heat

In this land of desire

Numb to emotion

I hide my pain through the night

Tears buried in the pillow

Misery entombed within the sheet

Dried wounds but it still sting

Fading into darkness

But refuse to go in

So hold my hand

Lead me to the light

For I don’t wanna die

Alone…. In a dark

~ Jess


Birth of Passion

Hot breath on my neck

Husky voice in my ear

How could I resist

This temptation like no other
To be wrapped in his arms


The scent of masculine from his body

Melting my desire within
His skin against mine

Tender touch from heaven above

Sinking the burning hell inside

A birth of passion we created
Lost within his embrace

Leaving no footprints to be traced

For I don’t want to be found

Willing to be stranded in his land
Refugee I am

Seeking solace in his motion

Run towards the heavenly gate

Moaning and panting

It’s all it takes

To reach the pinnacle of love

With no regret 

Though we know it’s a mistake


I let you wrapped me

With your words

And I consumed

Your sweetest promises

Day by day

Little that I knew

That I was choked with lies

And I swallowed your venom

Every time we kissed
Now the poison 

Running through my veins

Boiling hatred deep within

Suffocated with anger 

Vengeance reigns the throne

How could I let go

When ripping you apart 

It’s what I yearn for
Dear heaven above

Forgive me for this sin

This have to end…. Tragically

For I need to claim back

My sanity that I pawned

In the name of love

Think of Me…..

When the cold wind

Touches your bare skin

Think of me…..

And replay the night 

Of the lustful scene

Where I stood there…. Naked

And I let you ravished me

With your eyes
When you hear

The song of the wind

Think of me……

And replay the performance

Of the sweetest melancholy

Where I made

That sound of pleasure

As your penetration

Forced me to dance 

Passionately….. With the melody of heaven
But when silence

Hits you hard

Don’t think about me at all

For I wasn’t the one

You’ve been looking for

I’m just your forbidden sin

Hidden….. In plain sight

If Heaven Could Wait

Lost inside your words

I find myself within the rhythm

So I wrote you a poem

With your name…… In every line

And I preserve each letter

With kisses and passion

Holding you dearly close to my heart 

The foundation of my art

That’s what you are

The color of desire

That’s what I am

The ink of love

That’s what we are

Flowing freely 

With the current of emotion


I want to let go

Not even being that far 

So I pray to the sky above

Buy me some time more

For me to use

Just to be your muse

To spill the bleeding romance  

And practicing love

If heaven could wait

A little longer

Stimulating Desire

Your word has never failed

To bring out my forbidden senses

And your breath

Always make me tremble

Every time you move 

Close to my neck

Your voice always amazes me

Whenever you whisper my name

And this dress 

Will always fall easily

Because of your sweet seduction 

Through my mind

Stimulating desire 

Inside my head

I offer you the canvas

For you to spill 

The ink of ecstasy

Passion and emotion

Written in motion of intimacy

The color of lust

Smearing the sheet of privacy
@ FB Mortal Interlude